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ZHENGRONG FASHION CO.,LTD is a professional Chinese Manufacturer/Supplier/Wholesaler and Exporter of 100% human hair products and other tangle free hair goods.Our factory has monthly output of more than 100,000 pieces, annual capacity of 120,000pcs with every hair items available.Our hair products are sold very well in lots of countries and areas,like U.K,Sweden,Ireland,Denmark,Israel,Germany,Thailand,Jap,
USA,Korea African countries etc.Our factory has many years' experience in manufacturing human hair products,top technology adopted,professional workers engaged so our quality is first-class in the same industry.You can get our nice quality products at absolutely competitive factory price for wholesale
quantity .If not,you can also choose items that you want at Retail Area for small quantity or leave us message.

Our hair products are 100% human hair extension,Hairpieces,hair weaving,skin weft remy hair extension, men's toupee,lace front wig, women's wig,pre-bonded(glued) hair also named keratin hair extension,pre-tipped hair,(U-tip hair,nail hair,stick hair,V-shape hair,I-tip hair),hair extension strands,Micro wefted, keratin remi bonding hair,fusion hair extension,Keratin glue tipped hair,synthetic weaving,synthetic wig,hand tied weft extension,clips in(on)hair,hand made(tied) weft,color ring,wigs,toupee,training head and manikin(mannequin)head,keratip system,finger tip glue type,keratin glue tips,ponytail band/claw, practice mannequin,I tip point hair,machine weft,pure virgin weft hair,cover top weaving extension,zig zag wefts,lace frontals,full lace wig,brazilian wave,deep curl,lace based hair products,density chart,Clips in traight extensions,Clip in human hair,Human hair weave,Silky weaves,Clip in sets, Straight,Weave,Clip in highlight,Easy clip in pieces,Quick length pieces,Pre-bonded nail,pre-bonded stick,Instant clip in hair, Professional hair extension,Heat clamp accessories,Clip in body wave,Clip in straighthair,Human hair extension&wig,Clip on&clip in hair extension,braided hair extensions,Clip in hair pieces,100% human hair extensions,Clip in hair extension,human hair products,Silky weave human hair extensions,hair extension accessories,Pre-bonded nail&stick hair,human hair wig,human hair deep wave,Remy hair extension,Braiding hair weave,Remy hair,human hair weave products,Hair extension items,hair weaves,skin wefts,The best remy hair,Weave products,Human hair weave body,human hair silkyweaves,Pre-bonded, Body wave clip on hair extension,clip on hair extension products,Straight & Body Wave Clip on Extensions,Clip on,Clip in,Clip in Hair Pieces & Hair Extensions,Extensions,100% human hair silky wave,medium size clips,large clips,small Metal clips,Finest 100% human hair,synthetic extension,hair extension accessories, human hair color ring, Synthetic color ring,Instant clip in hair,Clip-ins,real human hair products,Nail tip,Instant clip-in full set,Blonde hair extension,hair jewelry etc.

Hair replacements/hair application tools/goods are weft clips,weaving needle,Hot fusion iron (heat connector),pulling needles,micro ring (extension tube),line template,hair clip for extension(hair clips, clip for extension),glue stick,glue gun,pliers,glue pot,hair shrink ring,glue grain,melting pot,pro long  needle,pastem remover,templates,cosmetology tool,finger protector,plier for micro ring,pro tube,kera fusion tools,flat nose plier,magic spray,sclap protector,clips toupee,Keratin bonded hair extension  removal,Accessories,Bonding glue,professional extension iron,Large glue gun,Small glue gun,Metal clips, Super thin clips,Styling products for synthetic&pure human hair wig,hair extension shrinkies,DIY hair extension clips,Liquid bonding glue,Liquid remover,Micro ring needles,Micro ring with screw,Small glue stick,large glue stick etc.

Hair styles available:STW Silky Straight Weaving(Silky straight),STB Silky Straight Bulk or Braiding,Body wave,Jerry Curl,RB Regular wave Bulk or Braiding,BEBE Curl,A.C curl,SW Super Weaving,RWW Regular wave weaving,YW Yaki Weaving,AK Afro kinky,SB Super Bulk or Braiding,Italian wave,ZIZI Curl,Afro curl, DW Deep weaving,DB Deep bulk or Braiding,SW Super weaving,WW Water weaving,YB Yaki Bulk,Minky Yaki,PT Pony tail etc.Synthetic(fiber) hair cover Toyo french curl,Sf6-disco,Cluster,tape curl,spin curl,Micro  knot s-curl,Knot s-curl,114-disco,Knot soul,Coco knot,Soul braid,long spring,Knot body wave,Gogo braid, Knot body wave,Gogo braid,Zizi steraight,Knot braid,Yaky body pony,Pony yaky,Wet braid,Zizi braid,Micro coco,Twist braid,Synthetic switch,Wave switch,toyo super drop curl,Pony-1sp,Cork screw,E-perm braid, Body wave switch 2 body wave switch-s,Hp-1c(with comb),1hp-7 with comb 2,Hp-7s with comb,Hair color braid,Kanekalon jumbo braid,Silky braid,Toyo french corn braid,Toyo neo combo braid,Toyo soul braid,toyo yaki pony,sassy curl,New yaki braid,Toyo spring curl,tape curl,Gogo braid,Knot cluster,Yaki braid,konot s-curl,Ocean braid jumbo braid,Queen,Cluster,Cork screw,Combo,Sf6-super,Pony tail,Hi-tm-curl,Hi-master-curl,Sass curl,114 super,Toyo foxy,Spring curl,Kinky switch,Curly piece,New curly piece,Disco 14&disco 15 etc.

Colors available: #1,#1B,#2,#4,#5,#6,#8,#10,#12,#14,#16,#18,#27,#30,#31,#32,#33,#33B,#33D,#34,#35,#44,#51#60,#120,#130,    #144,#280,#350,#450,#550,#650,#750,#850,#PURPLE,#GREEN,#ORANGE,#YELLOW,#BLUE,#PINK,#FL,#22,#24,#613, #SB,#P27/613,#P8/613,#P24/SB,#P18/SB,#SS,#99J,#RED,#BURGUNDY,#RUBY,#T27/613,#T1B/BUG,#T1B/RED,#T27/613, #F1B/BUG,#F27/613 etc.

Lengths available(inches): 6'' 8''10'' 12'' 14'' 16'' 18''20''22'' 24''26'' etc.

For wigs we need your samples or stencil and explanation of blueprint but we do recommend you to send us samples in order to avoid mistakes and save time.You afford your samples then we send you counter products producing after getting your confirmation. Please feel free to contact us anytime in your convenient.Thanks for browsing our website and have a nice day!

Yours faithfully!


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